Friday, April 15, 2005



this is nice.

makes me wonder why anyone would still continue using xanga.

but i think i know.

it's the contacts. ppl can just click on u on their 'subscription' list instead of having to type out a whole new web address.

that's all i can think of.



these are malaysians were talking abt here.



i don't blog abt my life on xanga. i do sometimes give hints here and there, but that's it. read between the lines, between those lines.

why don't i?

thing is.

why should i?

bcos everyone's doing it.


hmmm. yeah, dat's quite true. but no. i can't. my life is too... private. i see no joy in exclaiming my joy or angst to a host of ppl whom i may not even know.


wat's the point?

so here i am.

a site no one knows... with a blog address no one (i'm guessing the odds are very very) would ever guess.

not that anyone would be searching for it.


the privacy.

and it's white. the background. simple and nice.

i love it.